Benítez looks like a good solution to me – Del Bosque

May 29, 2015

Vicente del Bosque feels that Rafa Benítez would be the right man to take over as Real Madrid’s manager.

“The arrival of Benítez looks like a good solution to me, as he knows his stuff and will try to make Real Madrid better. I met him years ago; he had the idea to become a professional in this world and started learning how to do so”, recalled Del Bosque, who played alongside Benítez at the Real Madrid youth academy.

Asked for his opinion on Real Madrid’s present situation, Del Bosque preferred not to: “I am the least appropriate person to talk about the problems and solutions of that club. I’m not a part of it and won’t talk about it”, he insisted.

The Spain boss was full of praise for Ancelotti: “I admire him and I like him. What you see is what you get. He has done a very good job and has shown himself to have a conciliatory effect, although he is also demanding and can make tough decisions. He’s always looked after Real Madrid’s interests, without any personal ego getting in the way.”

Del Bosque also didn’t want to talk about the possibility of both Iker Casillas and David de Gea being the club’s two goalkeepers. “It’s something that is not known at the moment. Now we have them both in the national team. About Casillas I can say that he is on great form and has great ability. De Gea is a man on the up and has played good seasons at Manchester United”, he concluded.


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